The EAPFP is the Voice of Passive Fire Protection in Europe.

It aims to:

  1. Explain and facilitate use of European legislation and standards
  2. Inform, educate and develop the market and promote the use of good and properly installed products

It brings together national associations representing manufacturers, contractors and other institutions involved in the fire protection of steelwork, timber, and other passive fire protection applications, including penetration seals and ductwork.

The Association campaigns to raise the standard of fire safety in buildings and offers a range of publications, position papers and guidance notes in several languages.

Members attend two General meeting each year where they are able to discuss issues of concern, share best practice and network with members from across Europe. The EAPFP boasts some 18 member organisations in 15 countries across Europe, which together represent almost 2,000 individual members. As such, the EAPFP offers access to one of the largest fire protection networks in Europe.

Technical representation and influence

The EAPFP has representation on the European Union Technical Committees involved in developing product standards across Europe.

It has representation on CEN TC 127, the main Technical Committee dealing with the harmonisation of standards for fire safety in buildings and participates in a number of fire-related technical committees.

Close liaison is maintained with EGOLF the European Organisation for Fire Testing laboratories.

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