The Organisation shall be called the European Association for Passive Fire Protection (EAPFP).


Passive fire protection is the primary measure integrated within the constructional fabric of a building to provide inherent fire safety and protection by responding against flame, heat and smoke to maintain the fundamental requirements of building compartmentation, structural stability, fire separation and safe means of escape.”



  • The protection of life, property, the environment and our heritage from the ravages of fire
  • The continuous improvement of all aspects of passive fire protection
  • The proactive representation of the views and interests of the passive fire protection industry within Europe
  • The liaison between members and provision of a forum for discussion on technical matters which may affect the passive fire protection industry
  • The promotion of effective fire protection and development of the European market in all aspects of passive fire protection in order to save life and property
  • The representation of the national associations at European level
  • To promote ethical behaviour.

Objectives of the Association will include active participation in:-

  • European fire related Committees
  • CEN TC127 including Extended Application Group and TC127
  • Fire Sector Group of Notified Bodies
  • EOTA and participate in drafting of ETAG’s and their reviews
  • European Group of Official Laboratories for Fire Testing (EGOLF) Industry Liaison Group
  • The Association will also undertake monitoring of all new developments, which affect passive fire protection
  • The Association will also encourage the sharing of information on best practice.


4.1 Full Membership

The membership shall comprise national legal organisations in Europe representing manufacturing, contracting and other companies involved in passive fire protection and committed to the aims of the EAPFP as described in paragraph three.

Membership shall be by invitation from existing members and require the initial support from two members of the EAPFP.  Election to membership shall be undertaken on the basis of a postal ballot and ratified at the next meeting of the EAPFP by simple majority.

4.2 Associate Membership

Associate Membership shall be open to legal entity companies, Manufacturers and Contractors in countries where no National Association exists.  Associate members will be encouraged to form their own National Association. The exceptance process as expressed in 4.1

4.3 Corporate Membership

Corporate membershio shall be open to European Associations or Federations that may have some relation to the Fire Sector.The exceptance process as expressed in 4.1. The subscriptions for Corporate members shall be at the same level as a Full member.

4.4 Cessation of Membership

Full, Associate or Corporate Membership shall cease:-

  • Through voluntary resignation.  Yearly notice may only be given at the end of the calendar year.  The notice shall be sent by registered mail and addressed to the Secretary.
  • When the National Association or company is dissolved.
  • Through expulsion.  Expulsion shall be effected through a resolution at the General Meeting if a member has seriously violated the Constitution of the EAPFP in spite of two consecutive repeated warnings.


5.1 General Meeting

The affairs and actions of the Association will be managed via the General Meeting to which each full member may nominate three representatives.  These representatives shall be persons nominated by the full member and preferably be officers of the National Association, e.g. President, Secretary.  Substitutions at meetings are permitted.  The meetings shall be convened by the Secretary when requested to do so by the President or by any three members.

The quorum for a General Meeting is half the voting members, whether present, in person or by proxy.  Representation through other members is admissible when a written proxy has been given.

Associate members and Corporate members shall normally have one representative in the General Meeting.

5.2 Annual General Meeting

One General Meeting each year will be designated as the Annual General Meeting which shall inter alia:

  • Elect a President and Vice President
  • Consider and approve the adoption of annual accounts

5.3 President

The Annual General Meeting shall elect a President and Vice President from amongst the Full members. The President shall normally hold office for three years.

5.4 Secretary

The Secretary may be appointed by the General Meeting on such terms and conditions as they shall determine. The Secretary shall collect all the fees and subscriptions and shall pay all approved expenses duly incurred by the Association.

5.5 Sub-Committees

The General Meeting may appoint such committees or sub-committees as they deem necessary and may delegate to them such matters as they see fit.

5.6 Voting Rights

Full members shall have two votes. Associate and Corporate members shall have one vote each.

5.7 Resolutions

All decisions of the EAPFP shall be agreed by simple majority.


6.1 Financial Year

The financial year of the Association shall be from 1 January to 31 December.

6.2 Fees and Subscriptions

The subscription fees to the Association shall be agreed by the General Meeting.

6.3 Accounts

Members will finance their own travel and participation in the affairs of the Association.  The Association shall cause proper books of accounts to be kept under the supervision of the Secretary with respect to:-

  • All sums of money received and expended by the Association and the matters in the respect of which such receipts take place.
  • The assets and liabilities of the Association.

6.4 Auditors

The Auditor will be appointed annually at the Annual General Meeting.


The Association has determined that its activities shall not contravene free and lawful competition and that EC law will be strictly complied with. Whilst conduct and responsibility remains with individual delegates the Association has a Code of Conduct regarding Competion Policy and any party with any concern regarding compliance with the Code of Conduct or the law should raise their concern(s) immediately with the Chair of the Association.

The President or Chair of any Sub Group of the Association may at any point terminate any discussion considered to constitute breach or have potential to breach competition law.


The Rules shall only be amended by a vote of not less than three quarters of the members present at a General Meeting or undertaken by postal or electronic ballot.


The Dissolution of EAPFP shall only be decided by a majority vote of at least three quarters of the member associations entitled to vote at General Meetings.  In case of dissolution, the President shall nominate a liquidation committee of three voting members, whose duty it shall be to carry out all necessary measures in connection with the liquidation.

The decision for disposal of any surplus funds after discharging all liabilities after the completion of liquidation shall rest with the General Meeting.

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