Fire-resisting ventilation or (smoke) extraction ductwork is designed using proprietary materials and fixing techniques to contain fire and the products of combustion in a manner that does not allow passage to other parts of the building from the compartment of origin for a stipulated time period.

Fire-resistant ductwork can also be constructed without a steel lining duct using self-supporting board and casing systems made from calcium silicate and cement based products.

Areas of application include:

  • smoke extract systems
  • dual ventilation/smoke systems
  • pressurisation systems
  • car park extract systems
  • kitchen extract systems

Fire-resistant ductwork systems must be fully tested and independently assessed to the relevant parts of EN1366. This must include the method of support and the type of seal used around the ducts where it penetrates a wall or floor.

Ductwork fire testing methods distinguish between different cases such as fire outside or inside the duct and horizontal or vertical orientations. Users should make sure that their particular applications are covered by the assessment and certification.

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