The European Association for Passive Fire Protection (EAPFP) has signed a cooperation agreement with ECEUFIRE, the East-Central European Fire Protection Cooperation, further widening the Association’s reach and influence across Europe.

ECEUFIRE brings together fire protection associations from Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovenia, Croatia, Romania and Ukraine with the aim of providing information to members about fire protection business opportunities, to facilitate new relations between the members and to inform the members about national and European fire protection regulations.

Under the cooperation agreement EAPFP commits to inform all the other ECEUFIRE signatories about events organisational updates, market, technical and regulatory issues via EAPFP newsletters and meeting notes; to invite ECEUFIRE signatories to EAPFP General Assembly meetings and to handle requests regarding European standardisation and regulatory work in accordance with EAPFP internal rules.

The agreement is reciprocal with EAPFP representatives being welcome to attend ECEUFIRE meetings and events and ECEUFIRE also offering to share similar market, technical and regulatory information with EAPFP.

EAPFP President Miroslav Smolka declares:

“The EAPFP is delighted to have established a path for cooperation with ECEUFIRE. As a result of this agreement, the EAPFP can now profess to represent the views of organisations in over 23 countries across Europe.

“The EAPFP’s key aims are: to help implement, influence and promote the use of European legislation and standards; and to inform, educate and promote the use of good and properly installed products. By widening our reach and also learning from other organisations we further increase our ability to influence policy across Europe.

“Working with ECEUFIRE we will be able to share best practice more extensively and ensure that European standards and rules are widely implemented and understood.”

ECEUFIRE President Frantisek Kregl expressed the broad support of all ECEUFIRE members:

“We are pleased to extend our fire protection activities within other European structures. Since we have the same priorities and challenges we are pleased to be able to work jointly with EAPFP on standardisation of European legislation and proper fire prevention.

“Expanding our operations and learning from other organisations will not only increase our prestige but also our expertise.”

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