The European Association for Passive Fire Protection (EAPFP) is looking to develop a greater understanding of competency requirements placed on installers of passive fire protection (PFP) products across Europe to highlight the importance of correct installation of PFP and to share best practice.

The Association is conducting a survey across its members and the wider fire protection sector to determine countries where legislation places specific requirements on contractors relating to the installation of passive fire protection systems. It is also seeking information on voluntary certification and training schemes adopted in the market.

The Association is also gathering details of available industry guidance regarding passive fire protection products and their installation to ensure that best practice can be shared across Europe. It is also seeking fire statistics and incident case studies. Information gathered will be published in the Resources area of the EAPFP website:

Early findings from the survey suggest that mandatory legislation, training and certification schemes regarding passive fire protection installation are sadly rare:
Mandatory legislation exists in Portugal, Denmark, Slovakia and in some provinces in Spain (Canary Islands) and Germany.
There is a mandatory training scheme for passive fire protection installers in Portugal, while voluntary programmes have been identified in Belgium, Germany, Ireland, the Netherlands, Norway, Slovakia and the UK.
A mandatory certification and registration scheme exists in Norway, while voluntary certification schemes exist in Belgium, Ireland, the Netherlands, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain and the UK.

Commenting on the project, EAPFP President Miroslav Smolka declared:

“Poor installation of passive fire protection products has been identified as a key area of concern across Europe. The EAPFP is now actively campaigning for the certification and registration of installers to be mandatory across Europe. Further, we are also calling for mandatory training for passive fire protection installers.

“To support its campaign, the EAPFP is seeking to examine existing legislation, certification and training schemes. By collating this information, the EAPFP aims to share best practice to assist with the development of successful schemes across Europe.”

The EAPFP acts as the European voice for passive fire protection. EAPFP members are national associations representing manufacturers, contractors and other institutions involved in passive fire protection. Members meet twice each year to discuss issues affecting the European fire industry.

For further information on the EAPFP, visit; tel: +44 (0)1420 471616; e-mail:

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