The European Commission has declared that fire safety is an important topic for consideration and has activated the Fire Information Exchange Platform (FIEP).

The Fire Information Exchange Platform (FIEP), was established late 2017, and aims to engage all stakeholders on a European level, to move fire safety forward. The FIEP plenary has met twice, late 2017 and early 2019, and is organised in five project teams:

  • PT1: Exchange of experience from fire accidents,
  • PT2: Regulatory approach for new products and high-rise buildings,
  • PT3: The application of fire prevention principles,
  • PT4: The use of a fire engineering approach in building regulations
  • PT5: Common terminology and fire statistics

As a cross cutting theme, domestic fire safety will be addressed as well.

The activities in PT1, PT2 and PT3 have already started, and PT4 is due to be launched in the autumn of 2019.

EAPFP actively supports the FIEP and all its activities. It particularly aims to engage in PT 2, 4 and 5.

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