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eurofsa-meets-eapfpThe European Association of Passive Fire Protection (EAPFP) has endorsed the aims of the   European Fire Safety Alliance (EuroFSA) following a successful meeting on 27 February to discuss opportunities for co-operation.

EAPFP representatives Joric Witlox (immediate past president) and Roy Weghorst met with EuroFSA chairman Elie van Strien and René Hagen to investigate possible areas for collaboration.

EuroFSA is an independent alliance of fire professionals which exists to reduce risk from fire. It recognises that the majority of fire deaths and injuries happen in the home and impact upon the most vulnerable in society. Its goals are to:

  • Campaign for better regulation in areas that improve home fire safety at a national and European level;
  • Be an authority on fire risk, based on a strong statistical evidence base;
  • Focus on areas of greatest risk in the home and the people most vulnerable to accidental fires;
  • Support the fire service so it can be actively involved in reducing the risk from fire;
  • Develop and nurture a fire professional network that will be seen as an area of expertise by policy makers and practitioners.

The EAPFP also campaigns to raise the standard of fire safety in buildings,  to enable building owners in Europe to obtain good and reliable passive fire protection products, which are properly installed so they deliver the declared fire safety performance.  Its key aims are: to help implement, influence and promote the use of European legislation and standards; and to inform, educate and promote the use of good and properly installed products.

Following the meeting, Mr Witlox declared:

“The EAPFP thoroughly endorses the mission and ambitions of EuroFSA and will do its utmost to support them. Both organisations campaign for improvements in fire safety regulation and to reduce risk from fire, as a result the EAPFP is pleased to offer its expertise in passive fire protection to help EuroFSA achieve its goals.”

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