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EAPFP President Joric Witlox welcomed representatives from fire safety organisations in Hungary and the Czech Republic to the EAPFP General Meeting in Prague on 16-17 November 2017. 

The Hungarian Fire Protection Association President János Zellei presented an overview of his Association and offered an introduction to the East-Central European Fire Protection Cooperation (ECEUFIRE) which brings together fire protection associations in Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Ukraine, Romania, Slovenia and Slovakia.

ECEUFIRE aims to inform the members of each national Association about business opportunities; new fire protection techniques; and national and about European regulations. It also aims to develop a uniform approach across the region and influence national and regional regulations.

František Kregl from the Czech association PKPO provided an overview of PFPO aims which include ensuring high levels of fire protection in buildings; influencing new standards; and offering information and training to members.

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